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 Fenice Group consists of a network of companies delivering specialised techical services to all elements of the industry.

The Fenice Group has 10 years of experience in delivering Made in Italy service excellence. The company itself is dynamic and constantly evolving under the management of Daniele Delpin.

Fenice has proven track record, with solid experience in many industrial sectors including paper, cardboard, textile, woven no woven, food packaging, glassware, railways and nautical.

Fenice has a headquarters of 3,000 sqm, employing 115 specialised workers. Fenice is responsible for the assembly of complex machinery and systems. This includes the production of all components in our head office with final on-site installation, revision, and maintenance all over the world. Part of the Fenice promise is that our customers receive 360-degree service, from production to successful long-term installation. 

Fenice has a history of enterprise and innovation and an ongoing strategic vision. Fenice knows that the strength of any company lies with its people, and because of this, has invested in the creation of a team of highly specialised technicians.

Fenice is constantly expanding and diversifying its services and is an established industry leader in Pistoia, Prato, Lucca, Firenze, and Livorno.
Reliability, competence, and passion are important priorities for Fenice. In a field of constant development, Fenice invests in innovation and ongoing professional development. Fenice believes in looking forward and is always focused on new goals.


Fenice has earnt the trust of industry professionals by providing a diverse range of services combined with exceptional competence and specialised expertise.  
Our customer success stories are the inspiration for our existence. With that inspiration, Fenice continues to create the innovation to build the industry of tomorrow. 

Fenice Service

(+39) 0572 453458

(+39) 333 2487065

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(+39) 0572 453458

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